Our Board Officers

Our board of director's ranks came from the community that we assisted into the building trades. Anders and Anders Foundation embraces the idea that we and the community members we helped are one and the same, and our officers are those who stands out as the top of their class, ready and able to give back to the future generation of our community who wishes to join into the construction industry and leave behind the cycle of recidivism.

Pierre Middleton-Baez

Board President

Local 467 Pipe-fitters

Meg-Anne Pryor

Board Vice-President

Local 3 Operating Engineers

William Dorsey

Board Member

Community Action Mobilization Committee Leader

Local 22 Carpenters


Tony Liu

Board Member

Asian American Equal Opportunity Access Committee Leader

Local 104 Sheet Metal Workers

Stanley Wong

Board Member 
Social Media Campaign 

Committee Leader
Local 39 Stationary Engineer

Our Board Support Members

Our board support groups are form as one network. All of the community members that had been provided assistant and completed our training program can join this special group and gain the valuable network with hundreds of and graduates to provide mentorship and support. We have hundreds of members ready to help and mobilize to help each other in our community. Not one person knows all, so this is why we comes together and become a family! Strength in Numbers !!!

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