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CCSF Club Projects is a collaboration at works with CCSF Evans Campus, CCSF AS Club Council, and CCSF HEAT (Higher Education Action Team) to create clubs and activities to promote City College of San Francisco's many hands-on and vocational classes available at the junior college.

Over the years, our members had created many wonderful clubs. Below is a list of clubs we had started at the CCSF Evans Campus since 2015. We work with CCSF Student Council Member Brenna Stroud, Employment Specialist Melissa McPeters, and the many students who attends CCSF to create more student activities to ensure students have a voice with their school and their community.

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Go Hard or Go Home Community Network

Started at beginning of 2020. Focus on highlighting the Blue Collar workers of CCSF Students and graduates. This club focus on mentorship to the new students who are seeking a career in the building trades, auto mechanic, hospitality, custodial work. We want to build a community that unite everyone that works with our hands and give everyone in this blue collar field a network to help each other and provide guidance and support for one another to be successful in our perspective trades.

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Carpenters Club

Focus on building special carpentry projects outside of Carpenter classroom hours and allow High School students to get exposure to learn how to operate power tools and build something with their hands. The CCSF Carpenters Club was formed on 2014 and had competed in the National Tiny Homes Building competition. The club unfortunately did not have the support it needed to continue from CCSF and was disbanded on 2016. Anders and Anders Foundation hopes to work with students and instructors of CCSF and possible third party funders and volunteers to continue the club and grow it's influence to educate the next generation of builders.

Group Status: Disbanded

Welding Club

Focus on working with metal and learning how to use a welding torch and stick welding to create wonderful works of metal arts and practical items like building a bicycle or a metal tool box. This fun club worked with the collaboration with SFUSD and SFPUC Tech 21 program was formed during the summer of 2012. High School students get exposure to learn how to weld and working with metal. CCSF Welders Club was a very successful club during it's run with over 40 members at the peak. The club unfortunately disbanded on 2016 when the club welding teacher and a friend to our organization Mr. Butch Beasley retired. There was en effort to revive the club on 2018 but with the lack of administrative support, the club was unable to gain traction. Anders and Anders Foundation hopes to work with students and instructors of CCSF and possible third party funders and volunteers to rebuild this club again because welding had become a lost art with the skilled journeyman well into their retirement age.

Group Status: Disbanded

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