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Breaking the cycle of recidivism with jobs - Jails to Jobs

(Winter, 2019)

Joshua Shane Worstell is one of more than 2,000 people helped by the foundation operated by Terry Anders.

San Francisco foundation helps ex-offenders gain apprenticeships (September 10, 2019)

“All I knew was the street and jails and the penitentiary. But having a trade and getting a job that was very meaningful gave me a sense of self-worth that I could be something. I could do something that’s larger than myself. Not one person puts up a building. I learned to work with others in a meaningful positive way. The trades gave me a foundation that I cherish.”

Anders got into the trades in the early 1970s and spent many years with the iron workers union. But he was always thinking about what he could do to give back to society.

Anders and Anders Working with the Community to Take on Apple Inc. to ensure Reentry Population gets to work at Apple new campus in Cupertino CA.

(Spring, 2015)

Kevin Yip playing with his 22 month old son, Dominic King Yip in front of his parents' home where he grew up in San Bruno, California, on Friday, April 3, 2015.

Apple, Rehabilitate Thyself (April 6, 2015)

...Iron Workers Local 377 President Michael Theriault explained, "we haven't had a real explanation as to why the policy is there in the first place. We have no idea what they're afraid of." I tried, but Apple was its usual secretive self.

Liberals who want to outlaw employers from asking about criminal records, I think, are not looking at the full public-safety picture. Me, I could support a tech firm's decision not to hire identity thieves for jobs that would give them access to proprietary information. But as Mindy Kener of the Anders & Anders Foundation, which helps ex-cons find good jobs, noted, "there's nothing proprietary about putting in rebar or cement."

Theriault noted that though Apple may have canned only a few construction workers, that tells other ex-cons they need not apply for a bite at the Apple.

Apple takes heat for barring felons from construction work (April 7, 2015)


Michael Theriault, president of Iron Workers Union Local 377, said his group is exploring its legal options, but nothing has been filed yet.

“I think public pressure will be key,” Theriault said.

Felons barred from constructing Apple’s campus (April 4, 2015)

...advocates for ex-offenders say that what has happened on Apple’s campus is unusual because prior felonies usually aren’t a factor when hiring construction workers. Anders and Anders Foundation, an outplacement agency for ex-offenders, says workers with prior felonies have worked on major San Francisco construction projects including AT&T Park and buildings for tech companies such as Facebook and Salesforce.

“Let’s be real about helping all boats lift,” said Terry Anders

Anders and Anders, Winner of Jefferson Award (KPIX 5).

(Summer, 2014)

“That’s a real good feeling – knowing that you can help one person,” Terry Anders

Judge’s Trust Inspires Bank Robber To Turn His Life Around (July 23, 2014)

“The union, Ironworkers Local 377, gave me an opportunity to do something with my life,” he said.

In 2005, Anders founded a nonprofit to help ex-offenders gain job skills to turn their lives around.

“I created Anders and Anders to give back to the community.”

He recruits, and even helps train, formerly incarcerated men and women for construction careers, steering them into pre-apprenticeship programs at CityBuild Academy at City College and union apprenticeships.

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