Jason Chan

Operations Director - Anders & Anders Foundation

Community Builder

Jason Chan has extensive experience in OEWD recruitment workshops and presentations with other agencies, such as the Employment Development Department office, Success Center Japan town, Young Community Developers Office, and CCSF campus (Mission, Evans, Southeast, and Main Campus). Jason has also been a part of many various community fundraisers, street fairs, and conferences for OEWD for the last 5 years while working at CityBuild Academy program funded by OEWD.

Construction Career Development Services program:
Jason was the lead manager in the Construction Career Development Services program from January 2014 to February 2020. Jason provided retention services and assistance to over 1,200 CityBuild Academy graduates. Jason had planned the CityBuild Academy’s alumni quarterly gathering events, the CityBuild’s 10 year, and 15 year anniversary celebration with great fan faire with each event with hundreds of CityBuild graduates and their families came out to celebrate with contractors and union members who supports our program for such occasion and volunteer help with making the event possible.

Jason also performed numerous Financial literacy training workshops, job application and interview workshops, Trade Math and Mechanical Reasoning preparation tutoring workshops and class sessions with the CityBuild Academy program at the CCSF Evans Campus. He helped them to climb out of their personal, financial, and societal barriers to advance their construction-related careers.

Recently, Jason joined Anders and Anders Foundation as the Operations Director to booster Anders and Anders foundation’s commitment to the financial need and career advancement for the graduates in the CityBuild Academy program.

Other community work:
Jason, a former graduate of the CItyBuild Academy program himself, and a former member of the CCSF Academic Senate (AS) Council Club Member, Manager of the CCSF Dragonboat and CCSF Carpenters Club, and being part of the CCSF Higher Education Action Team (HEAT), Jason is well-connected with the City College of San Francisco’s Student and Teachers Union. He is also a member of the Chinese American Democratic Club and had performed door-to-door campaign canvassing to support the club’s education goals to of to register and to vote. He has been a member of API/SFPD Forum and a SFPD’s community police advisory board. He assisted with various community outreach safety meetings, street fairs, and community fundraiser activities to promote safety in our Asian American communities in San Francisco. 



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