Re-Entry Support

Anders and Anders Foundation receives emails, letters, and calls from inmates, concerned family and friends of incarcerated adults, and reentry population who are due to be released from prison. Thousands of inmates are released each year without access to, or knowledge of, the support networks to help them transition back into society. Anders and Anders Foundation helps with the reentry population starting by providing them with resource referrals to aid them with adjusting life's challenges, we will provide referrals and guidance into the workforce so they can get back on their feet and feel productive in the society. Anders and Anders will also provide on-going guidance and assistance to ensure they stay strong and influence free.

“I created Anders and Anders to give back to the community.” - Terry Anders

Re-Entry Construction Workers Network

Since 2005, Anders and Anders had been assisting many re-entry populations to get into a great construction careers and acclimate many back into society. But we cannot make all of this possible without the help of those we helped in the past.

We have over a dozen mentors working in groups. We will have small gathering and networking social events to ensure all of our community members getting the proper support with one another, especially during their time of needs.

Peer-to-Peer Mentorship

Anders and Anders Foundation will also setup one on one, peer-to-peer mentorship with the newly enter building trade youngsters who were an At-Risk youth, or youth with personal / financial barriers.

The goals to our mentorship program is so that through our successful re-entry community member's story and experiences, they can provide the youngsters with their experience to hopefully give them a better chance to not take the rout they have take, and through their influence, be better them and break the cycle of recidivism.

Advocating for Our Community

Anders and Anders Foundation have gone to many courtroom visits to advocate for our community members. We have wrote over a thousand support letters for Federal, State, and Local court cases for our hardest to serve population in order to assist them and provide a light at their end of their sentencing to either shorten their time in the criminal system or help them avoid jail or prison time all together. it is our principle believe that with Education and Job opportunities, we can work together to break any barriers.

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To Break the Cycle of Recidivism through job opportunities.

"Educate to Work Together!"

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